Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Troy, along with his two older siblings, were reared by his mother. During his childhood years, Troy would sing songs by recording artists The Jackson Five, Blue Magic and The Stylistics, to name a few. However, unlike most singers, a career in the industry wasn’t always a dream for Troy. It wasn’t until his college days that he decided being a recording artist was what he wanted to do with his life. The audience applause from his first appearance, a talent contest at Chicago State University, was the beginning for Mr Quin’Ton. Troy realized he had a good singing voice as a child. As he grew older and went on to college, Troy majored in music under the tutelage of Donald Doig, his voice instructor. While studying, Troy began singing jazz, folk, classical, and spiritual music. During his vocal training, he learned to sing in French, Italian, and German. Not one to do the job halfway, Troy also studied just about every other aspect of music, including piano, guitar, Music Theory, and conducting. As a songwriter and musician, Troy wrote his first single, “There Was A Time.” This single caught the attention of WGCI’s Radioscope showcase and Billboard Magazine’s Song Contest and was awarded a Certificate of Achievement of the top 10% in the pop category.

Troy Quin’ton showcases electrifying renditions of all R&B classics from his three decades as a solo artist. It is a collection of music that artfully explores a modern urban vitality without neglecting the classic R&B sensibilities that have made Troy a premier voice in popular music. Troy’s reach to spread love through music has stretched throughout the Midwest during his career.